Growing up to enjoy our inheritance

As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby(1 Peter 2:2, KJV)

When we received Christ, we were born into the kingdom of God like a newborn baby. We are complete, but just not mature. Like a baby, we have hands, but we  cannot use them. We also have feet but we cannot walk. However, with proper nutrition, we will grow up one day to start using our hands and feet! That is what is happening to us as believers. 

Every single one of you believers in Christ reading this devotional is full of the Holy Spirit, complete with the power and wisdom that created the universe. However, most of us undoubtedly are buffeted by problems in life. Some of you might even be so confused right now about what to do next as if the Holy Spirit is not in you. Some believers right now are being harassed by demons, yet the power in them is able to shake the entire hell and turn it upside down. As the newborn child who has hands but just not mature to use them, so we are today, full of wisdom and power, yet being harassed by the affairs of this life. You have only one way forward, child of God: grow up to your inheritance in Christ!

I have written it so many times and will continue to so so: what you need to grow as a baby is milk– the undiluted, unadulterated and pure Word of God.  Grow up for your own good, and start enjoying the good life God has destined for you!


Is it possible for a believer to remain a babe in Christ for their entire Christian life? Can a newborn baby eat and enjoy a slice of pizza( that is, solid food)? Who are those who enjoy “solid food” in Christianity? See Her. 5:16.


Keep growing in the faith. Make sure feeding on the  Word of God has its place in your life, and not just something you do when you “have some time.”


Ask the Spirit to help you grow to maturity as you feed on His Word constantly. 

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