Jesus Increased in Wisdom and Stature

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man (Luke 2:52, KJV)

Jesus was born a baby and had to grow up to maturity. His growth and development are vividly described in the verse above looking at  the two major parts of human life—spiritual and physical. Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature. The increase in wisdom is spiritual growth and the increase in stature is physical growth.

The word “increased” is critical here. It tells us that Jesus as a man increased in wisdom and in stature. There is such a thing as spiritual increase. There is such a thing as to increase in power, wisdom, love, joy, peace, etc. This is the core  of spiritual growth. It is an increase in the manifestations and experience of spiritual virtues in us.

Physical development requires us to get proper nutrition. We do not teach the body to grow. We simply furnish the nutrients it requires and it knows how to grow all by itself. In the same way, our spiritual growth does not require any spiritual drama. The spirit knows how to grow, if only you will furnish the nutrient it needs. The food of the spirit is the Word.

The day you received Christ in your heart, you were born as a little baby in the house of God. The Father’s desire is for you to grow. Grow in your walk of faith, love and righteousness. Grow in the amount of wisdom and power operating in you.  Pay attention to your spiritual growth.


Declare the words of Luke 2:52 above again and again and make them yours.


It is now X number of years or months since you believed. Ask yourself: has there been an increase in my knowledge of God? Has there been an increase in my self-control, joy, peace and other fruit of the Spirit? Has there been an increase in the power of God in my life? Or am I am just the same but more acquainted with Church or Christian activities? Trigger spiritual growth in your life through the Word and prayer.


Ask the Lord to help you in your daily spiritual growth. 

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