Isaac Went Out to Meditate in the Field toward Evening

And Isaac went out to meditate in the field toward evening…(Genesis 24:63, ESV).

In our fast-paced world, Christians often find engaging consistently with God’s Word challenging. Yet, delving deeper into Scripture’s truths requires meditation. Consider Isaac’s example in Genesis 24:63.

Isaac chose the tranquility of the evening field for his meditation. Was this a spontaneous choice or a regular practice? The context suggests it was habitual; Isaac regularly carved out time for reflection. The nature of his meditations remains unknown, but they likely centered on God and the promises made to his father, Abraham. Perhaps Abraham himself instilled this practice in Isaac.

Isaac went out to the field to meditate—the desert was his quiet place. However, you do not have to go to a mountain or desert to meditate. Your quiet place can be in your room, where you can be free of distractions or noise. Furthermore, Isaac meditated in the evening. He was an evening person. Many of us today meditate rather in the morning. While Isaac chose the desert and the evening, the key lesson is not in the specific details of his meditation routine. Here is the essential truth: Isaac had a place and a time for meditating in God’s Word and a habit of doing so regularly.

It’s crucial to distinguish biblical meditation from Eastern mystic practices, subtly integrating into Christian circles. Biblical meditation focuses on God and His words.

Like Isaac,  develop a meditation habit and carve out your quiet place and time. This habit has a huge potential impact on your spiritual life and relationship with God. It is worth all the personal investment.


Take a few minutes to meditate on Genesis 24:63 in light of the devotional above.

Apply the Word

Do you meditate on the Word of God? How is your devotional habit? Learn from Isaac: retreat daily to spend time with God in His Word and prayer.


Ask the Spirit to help you develop a healthy habit of regularly meditating on the Word of God. 

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