How to Move Money from Your Head into Your Pocket

The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness; But of every one that is hasty only to want (Proverbs 21:5 KJV)

A person’s mind, through meditation, can access ways of creating riches and improving their wellbeing. 

Ten years ago, I would have immediately rejected any biblical idea that encouraged me as a Christian to use the mind for both natural and spiritual matters.  As a typical Pentecostal, I unconsciously had the mind on my red list of the un-spiritual or carnal. Alas, the mind is the Creator’s gift to humans, making them “little creators” like Himself.! As Christians, I believe we are making a profound error in our understanding of the role of the mind in both our spiritual and natural lives.

The scriptures closely relate three distinct entities to wealth: giving( an attitude), the mind( thoughtfulness), and muscles( physical strength). In this devotional, I will focus on the scriptural link between the mind and money,  which we clearly see at work in the world.  Solomon says the thoughts of the diligent person lead to abundance. That means the diligent think and create excess money for themselves. 

Whether we are currently broke, “managing,” or rich, there is money inside our heads. When the mind is allowed to exercise its ability to imagine and reason, it will see things that do not exist and bring them into existence. It will show us our way out of a financial need or poverty and lead us to money-making opportunities around us. This is not a thing of motivational speakers or the rich people of the world. It is the way God created human beings to function. We either put it to work for us or forfeit its benefits.

This devotional is brief, but I pray it fulfills the purpose I wrote it:  to stir you up to think your way out of financial needs or lack or into greater abundance. In fact, I would dare say some of us might need to stop praying for money and use that time of prayer for money to sit quietly in our room and think of what we can do to create money.

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As discussed above, what are the three entities that the scriptures link to wealth? Can you think of scriptures that discuss these?

If you never find quiet moments to think about ways to solve your problems or create wealth, you are leaving money dormant in your head. Move that money from your head to your pockets. Let your thoughts, as Solomon says, produce abundance for you.

Ask the Father to help you learn to take out time to think.

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