What is money?

Work brings profit, but mere talk leads to poverty! (Prov. 14:23 NLT)

What is money showing dollars in someone's pocket

I am sure the question “what is money?” will also catch your attention as it does mine. The answer indeed depends on who you ask and what context is being referenced. If you ask an economist, you will probably get the standard, academic-style definition. However, let me give you a fundamental idea of what money is from the scriptures.

Solomon, the wise King, said in our scripture above that “work brings profit.” Money comes from work done. In a basic sense, money is the reward of service. The words “reward” and “service” should resonate deeply inside of your spirit and please do ensure you fully digest their meaning. Money is first a reward. It is a reward for service to other men and women around you. It is what you get by making a positive impact in the lives of other people. The economists did not create this system. God did. The Lord has bound money intimately to the walk of love, which is one of service.

What are you doing that is making a difference in the lives of people? Apple produces quality electronic products, and the world is pouring billions into their wallet. It should be evident to you by now that money is not merely an answer to prayer. You cannot pray money in your bank account. God can meet your needs as your Father but if you want to live in abundance, then you have to be a servant. That is why givers—of time, talents, money, etc to meet the needs of others, overflow with abundance.


Meditate on this statement: your current financial situation is a reflection of the impact of your life on other people.


Do you want money? Don’t ask for it. That is what many people are doing, and some get angry when nobody gives to them. Rather than asking for money, ask yourself what you can do to help people around you.


Pray that the Lord will grant you the grace to put to work every ability He has placed inside of you to help others.

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