How to move God’s Word from your head to your heart

The law of his God is in his heart; His steps do not slip. (Ps. 37:31 NAS)

Many of us might have heard a preacher say “move the word of God from your head to your heart”. This statement is not directly from any scripture, but is well founded on scriptural principles. God’s Word dwells in the heart, the human spirit. The Word in your heart changes your life. The scripture above teaches us that if only we will put God’s Word in our hearts, it will MAKE US NOT sin or go astray. God’s Word is a conditioner. The issue is simple-believers just do not get God’s Word in their hearts, as He instructed. Many are working hard to do what God has commanded, resulting in disappointment and frustration.

The Word, first and foremost, is taken into your mind. It then moves from your mind into your spirit man. How? The  door from the soul to the spirit, is spiritual understanding and belief. When you receive insight, and believe the word you are reading, it moves into your heart, and mingles with your spirit, to become one with you. This is feeding on the Word. It is not the same as “Bible reading” or “Bible study”; it is one step higher. The Word you do not understand or believe, remains in your head, even if you have committed it to memory. The process of meditation is crucial in this regard. It is spiritual feeding, where you masticate and digest the Word into your spirit man.


As you think and mutter (speak the Word under your breath, as in Joshua 1:8), you give the Spirit the time it requires to work the Word into your spirit man. Take a moment now, read the verse above, and spend some time pondering on it. Then speak it to yourself. Say “the Word of God is in my heart, and my steps will not slip”. Do it again and again until you feel full!


The best prayer to guarantee victory in your life, is to ask God to help you pay full attention to His Word, as He commanded. Ask Him to help you to diligently take it in. It will change you forever.


Is personal studying and meditating on God’s Word a part of your life? If not, do something about it.  If only believers will hear what God is saying-just pay attention to His Word, take it into your heart, and do what it says! That is truly all we should occupy ourselves with.  If His Word comes in, it takes charge, and you will see results. Jesus meant it when He said that only “one thing is needful” for your life to get the results you are looking for, and that is His Word (Luke 10:42),

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  1. I found your teachings very sound and in touch with the realities of God’s word. Sincerely, your teachings has inspired me to understand many realities of God’s word

  2. Good day, Pastor. Thank you for all the teachings that you have put forward on this platform, have been richly blessed by them since I came in contact with this site. God bless you.
    However, over time I have been made to understand that renewal of the mind is by meditation on the Word of God, how true is this fact? Again, I have been made to understand that meditation is an act of focusing or fixing one’s thought or mind on the Word of God, yet another version makes me understand that to focus means to repeat the scripture or anything you’re meditating on over and again in the mind, is this true? Please I really need to be helped in this area, because I haven’t being able to make success in my meditation exercises, which one of the explanations above is true, or if they are both wrong, what is actually meditation on God’s Word? Please I need urgent answers. Thank you.

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