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Hearing the Word but receiving nothing

When any one heareth the Word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the way side.(Matthew 13:19 KJV)

Hearing God's voice

The Lord has been dealing with my heart daily about a problem I honestly pray for myself and ask Him for grace to overcome. It is that of reading or hearing the Word of God and receiving nothing from it. He had taught me a long while ago about what it takes to receive the Word in my heart and it is possible to hear the Word, hear it a million times and even say “amen” to it but nothing ever happens to our lives. There is a difference between hearing or reading the Word and actually receiving it in our hearts.

I was listening to a sermon in church one Sunday and the Spirit began showing me how it was possible to sit under a minister, listen to him or her preach and yet receive nothing from what they are saying. Similarly, it is possible to read through the Bible, read a devotional or even study the Bible and yet receive nothing. What does it take to receive the Word of God?

Have you ever wondered what the Lord means when He tells us to open our hearts to Him? How do you open your heart to receive His Word? There are three key prerequisites. The first is mentioned in Matt. 13:19 above. It is understanding. The second is believing, that is, accepting what you are hearing as true. The third is surrendering or the willingness to allow that Word to control your life. It should be clear why millions of us could be hearing or reading the Word daily or weekly but very few are actually receiving from it. Please receive the Word!


Please read Matt 13:19 and think carefully about what it is saying. Do you know how Satan works in Churches and many of us have no idea?


Do  you notice that the three prerequisites for receiving the Word above have to do with the heart? It is our year of preparing the heart for the Lord. Be intentional about this. Train yourself to receive the Word and not be a mere hearer or reader.


Pray for yourself and ask the Spirit to help you truly receive the Word.

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