How to make contact with God’s world of the supernatural

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation (Romans 10:10, KJV)

Have you ever wondered how we contact God’s realm of the supernatural? Is that even possible on a practical basis? Can you contact the Holy Spirit? I shared a devotional a few weeks ago about “where to find the Holy Spirit” in this physical world. Let me go a little further here and make it more practical, showing you how contacting God’s world is not a mystery. It is as easy as ABC!

Jesus said I am the way, to the Father! He came to establish contact between the Father and humanity. Rom. 10:10 gives us the practical key to accessing God’s world of the supernatural. It is hidden in the word “heart”. In brief, the human heart(the spiritual one) has two parts: the spirit and the soul. The spirit is a part of us that connects with God, because it is in God’s world. But the spirit is not directly part of our earthly consciousness or practical experience here on the earth. The soul is the experience and consciousness center of our being while on the earth. This is the part of you that you are in touch with or which you “feel” and have direct control over. It is your earthly consciousness, thoughts, emotions and will. It is through the exercise of the faculties of the soul that you can stir your heart( spirit and soul) to make contact with God. This is a crucial statement. 

There are three capacities of the human heart that enable every human being to contact God’s world. If you develop these three faculties of your heart, you will be perplexed at how much of God’s presence, power, wisdom and life will become a practical reality in your daily life. God is not far way as many of us think. These three faculties are understanding, believing, and fellowship, and all these in or rather through Christ.

Understanding is receiving the knowledge of God. Believing is accepting as true the Word of God. Fellowship is the mysterious thing that takes place in us when we get into a prayer mode or just talking with God. I have written extensively on these three faculties and it is impossible for me to get into any depths in such a short devotional. These three things are not some mysterious things that you have no control over. If you will train your heart to understand and grow in the knowledge of God, believe what God is saying and cultivate a habit of fellowship with Him, I have just one word to describe what your life will look like—glorious!

You have control over your relationship with God. Many of us think it is “our spirit” that relates with God in some way we have no control over. I have taught extensively on the human spirit and the soul on our Live Bible studies and that should help you clear the gross misunderstanding we have on the spirit. There is a reason God commands you to draw near. It is because it is completely under your control. The knowledge of God in your mind, your heart accepting the Word of God as true and you cultivating the habit to talk with God constantly will transform your life for ever. Yes, you can train your heart to draw close to God on a practical basis. It is not some spiritual luck. Neither is it some divine destiny in heaven for some believers to be close to the Lord while others are not. There are some of you reading this devotional, and you truly hate your relationship with God. You desire more, but you find yourself miserably dry and wondering where God is. Well, I am telling you that God wants you to be close to Him even more than you do. There is a price to pay for intimacy with God. It is not a million-dollar seed or some fat tithe. It is the price to be with Him in the Word, talk with Him in prayer, yield to His Spirit and watch Him do what only Him can do—fill you with glory!


What are the three key capacities discussed above to contact and grow in the supernatural?


If you are spiritually dry and feeling empty, this devotional should bring an end to spiritual dryness in your life. Train your heart in the Word by the Spirit!


Ask the Lord to bring you to a place of daily experiencing the supernatural. 

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