How to Let God Fight Your Battles

The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace (Exodus 14:14 KJV)

Blessed and happy is the man or woman whose battles are fought by the Lord! Such was the blessed state of the Israelites when Pharoah mobilized his entire army against them in battle. A close examination of this story reveals at least three significant conditions that paved the way for God to fight on behalf of Israel: relationship with God, God’s will, and rest. 

As discussed in a prior devotional, we established that God is a God of relationship—His responses to our needs and prayers are determined by the kind of relationship we have with Him. Israel was in a covenant relationship with God. In Christ, you are already in a Father-child relationship with God, one that far supersedes the covenant relationship Israel had with God. So you have met the first condition for God to fight your battles!

Besides being in covenant with God, Israel was in God’s perfect will. God told them to move from Egypt to Canaan, and Pharaoh launched an attack while the Israelites were doing what God had told them to do. Since God bears the responsibility to defend His own interests and will also not fight battles that are not His, we must be in God’s will for God to step in and fight our battles.

Though we might be in a relationship with God and His will, we must “hold our peace” if we want God to fight for us. Holding our peace means “be still,” “be anxious for nothing,” “fear not” amid the conflict. God only fights for us when we stop fighting and rest in Him—we will fight our battles if we do not trust Him and continue to be anxious or fearful.

Let God step in and fight your battles, for they are indeed His battles, whether they are spiritual, financial, health, family, ministry, or social battles.

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Please think and mutter the words of Exo. 14:14 above repeatedly as you allow them to sink deep in your heart.

Apply the Word

Do you want God to fight your battles? Become His child, then stay in His will and rest in Him. Then watch, as in a movie, how God deals with the enemies of your wellbeing.


Thank the Father for calling us His own and taking over our battles in life. 

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