The Slander of Grace

And not rather, (as we be slanderously reported, and as some affirm that we say,) Let us do evil, that good may come? whose damnation is just.  (Romans 3:8 KJV)

slander of grace showing a girl whispering to her brother

Did you know that distortions of the grace message began as soon as Paul received the revelation of grace and started preaching it? In Romans 3:8, Paul recounts how some individuals—false brethren—already slandered his message. This devotional will explore what the slander of grace entails and what we should do about it.

Let’s begin with the first slanderers of Paul’s message. Some individuals heard Paul teach about the forgiveness available in Christ through God’s abundant grace. They twisted his words, suggesting Paul advocated continuing in sin because God, full of love and grace, would do nothing but “cuddle and pamper” sinners. To them, grace was a license to justify living in sin.

Today, the slander of grace continues similarly. The true message of grace is distorted to justify ungodly lifestyles and practices. Among these, two are notably prevalent: firstly, some people misuse God’s grace as a license to sin; secondly, others exploit grace to accumulate wealth (Jude 4, 2 Peter 2:3).

What should we do in the face of such slanders? First, we must not let it distort our understanding of grace or cause us to shy away. Grace—the true grace of God in Christ—never leads people to sin. Instead, grace teaches and empowers sinners to say no to sin and yes to holiness. It deepens our love for Jesus, makes us more loving and tender towards others, and fills us with gratitude.

Second, the best response to slander is deeply understanding Christ’s grace and visibly embody its true essence. When the Spirit first revealed God’s grace to me as He revealed Jesus, it profoundly increased my appreciation for Jesus. Whenever I sinned, it broke my heart to know I had acted against Jesus’ desires, prompting me to repent immediately. This revelation also softened my heart towards others and transformed my experience of Christianity into something truly enjoyable. As I’ve mentioned before, when I hear people claim that grace leads to sin, they must be referring to a different kind of grace—” another grace”—not the one I know or the one scripture teaches.

Thus, by becoming living expressions of God’s true grace, we can show the slanderers and the world what God’s grace genuinely entails and how it transforms lives.


Have you encountered the slander of grace in any form in your Christian life?

Apply the Word

Remember, grace is misrepresented not just by outsiders but also within Christianity, often by false brethren and sometimes even by genuine believers. To counteract the slander, become a true embodiment of grace; show the world the transformative power of God’s grace, which makes you thankful and Christ-like in character.


Ask the Father for a deeper revelation of grace in your life.

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