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How to Find Favor with God

And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favor with God  (Luke 1:30, KJV)

How to find favor with God—really? I am sure you are also as interested as I am to learn how to find favor with God. I will show you a “secret” to unlock divine favor in your life that will transform everything! Favor is a gracious disposition towards someone with an inner prompting to show them kindness, goodness, etc. Think about how a man deals with his wife. There is a tenderness in his heart for the woman of his life. The woman has found favor in his eyes. When a man loves a woman, there is nothing he will hold back. This is favor. Imagine you find this kind of favor with the president of your nation. Now imagine you find such favor with the Lord Himself!

So how do I found favor with God? Please look at Luke 1:30 again. It says the angel said to Mary “thou hast found favor with God”. Mary did NOTHING. She discovered she was favored, by the Lord. The same Greek word “charitoo” used to describe Mary as highly favored in used to describe the favor we have in Christ in Ephesians 1:6. Now this is the secret to find favor in God’s eyes. The secret is that there is really no secret. As Mary discovered that she was highly favored by the Father, so you have been highly favored by  God!  Mary did NOTHING. She found herself surrounded by favor. You did NOTHING. You found yourself surrounded by God’s favor because of His Son!

You have found favor with God! You only need to grow in the experience of that favor!


What is the difference between finding favor with God and growing in grace or favor as a believer? 


If you can understand and believe what you have read above, you will ignite something in your life that will catapult your life through the skies! Grace, divine favor, has come. Take a hold of it by understanding and faith.


Thank the Lord for bringing divine favor into our lives.

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