What is Divine Favor? 

And delivered him out of all his afflictions, and gave him favour and wisdom in the sight of Pharaoh king of Egypt; and he made him governor over Egypt and all his house (Acts 7:10, KJV)

What is divine favor? showing a hill with light

Grace is indeed God’s unmerited favor in Christ. Therefore, partaking in treasures of God’s grace, and enjoying our blessings in Christ, require us to understand what favor means.

To properly understand grace, we should recognize and distinguish favor as a disposition of heart and an act of kindness. In Luke 2:52, the scripture says Jesus increased in favor with God and man. This favor is the general “approval, support or liking for someone .”Although this favorable disposition of the heart is a foundational aspect of favor, the divine favor of grace goes beyond simply how God feels or thinks about us.

The story of Joseph in Acts 7:10 helps us understand what favor is. While in Egypt as an enslaved person and then a prisoner, God gave Joseph favor. Is this verse saying God simply had a good heart towards Joseph? No! The verse tells us what it calls favor. It says God gave Joseph favor and wisdom—what he called favor is the wisdom God gave Joseph. So God bestowed favor upon Joseph by giving him a gift that would elevate him to be the second in command in the greatest nation at the time.

Divine favor is an act of God’s kindness or goodness that we do not earn. God extends this act of kindness or goodness, and we receive or experience it. Therefore the Lord bestows favor by doing something tangible for our good, wellbeing, and joy. We receive that favor by coming into the enjoyment or experience of the kindness He has extended to us.

Think about the favor of God for us in Christ. When the Father sent Jesus, that was favor towards human beings. When you accepted Jesus and your sins were immediately forgiven and cleansed, that act of forgiveness and acceptance is the favor. When you received the Holy Spirit,  God gave you a heavenly Gift of Himself to bring you into the delights of the divine nature. That act of giving you the Spirit and receiving and experiencing the Spirit is the divine favor! The list continues—favor upon favor( John 1:16).

And now get this: the Lord says He has bestowed an abundance of favor upon you in Christ! We live in a unique dispensation called the “year of God’s favor .”Do not be apologetic; neither should you play religion, saying to yourself, “I do not deserve it”—It has nothing to do with you. You have been charitooed ( highly favored)  through what  Jesus did! Arise, shine! 

Can you point to the tangible expressions of divine favor in your life? 

Apply the Word

Receiving divine favor is so simple that the most sophisticated will miss it. The more conscious you are of yourself, the more difficult it will be to experience divine favor. Divine favor is for the child-like in heart, not the religiously complicated mind. Come unto the throne of grace and receive any help you need—it is the season.

Bless the Lord for the tremendous favor He has bestowed upon you!

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