Grace is a spiritual place you dwell in

I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel (Galatians 1:6 )

in my FAther's house are many mansions showing a beautiful mansion

Paul was perplexed at what happened with the Galatians. He said they had so soon been removed from Him that called them into the grace of Christ unto another Gospel. It might be challenging to notice the subtle figurative language in this verse. What is Paul’s analogy in the verse above with the words “removed from” or “into”? The idea of a place. Think of the Galatians being in a room and someone coming there, removing them from that room and transferring them into another room. That is the thought process. 

Well, that place where we dwell in Christ is grace. It is a spiritual place. It is the same idea conveyed by the words “in Christ.”  We enter that place of grace by believing in Christ. And there are privileges bestowed on anyone who is in that place. In that place, there is unlimited divine favor. All things are yours in it. The fullness of the Spirit is God’s gift in that place. In that place, we are lavished with goodness solely based on what Christ has accomplished. When we try to earn it ourselves, we remove ourselves from that place just as the Galatians were doing!

Abide in the place Christ has put you in, enjoy the benefits, and give Him the praise.


What were the Galatians doing which threatened to take them out of the place of grace? Gal. 3:1-2.


The Galatians were taking themselves out of the place Christ put them by following the law to be circumcised and so “earn” a standing for themselves. Be careful. Maybe yours is not circumcision but some Old Testament law you think if you keep, God will have some extra favor or blessings on you. Or maybe it is praying, giving, Bible reading etc. Whatever you do with the INTENT of earning God’s favor which Christ already brought to you is taking yourself out of grace. Abide in grace!


Thank the Father for the blessings of grace. 

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