He that Gathereth in Summer is a Wise Son

He that gathereth in summer is a wise son: but he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame (Prov. 10:5 KJV)

Summer in ancient Palestine was a time of harvest. It was a time of celebration for the farmers who were reaping what they had sown in the earlier months. Solomon, speaking from the perspective of a father, says a  son who joins in the time of harvest is a wise son whereas the one that sleeps during this special season is one that causes shame.  You will have to get into the world of the Jews in Palestine in those days to fully understand the practical implication of these statements.

But what is the Lord teaching us in this scripture? He is essentially giving us practical financial wisdom. Gathering in summer, first and foremost, implies a practical understanding of the seasons in your life. You know when it is time to plant and when it is the time to harvest. You have enough practical insight to understand what you ought to do in every season in your life.  You do not plant in harvest season or try to harvest in planting season.

The second insight to get is from the second part of the verse which states that a child that sleeps during harvest time brings shame. It tells you there is a season for work. Sleeping, a type for laziness or idle hands,  in the harvest seasons of your life is an open invitation for poverty to visit you with all its family and relatives! The Lord is teaching us about the importance of understanding the seasons in our lives and the place of diligence in creating and accumulating wealth.


Do you understand the seasons of your life? Do you know what you ought to do at different times in life? Do you sleep when you are to be working or work when you ought to take some rest? Or are you planting during harvest or trying to harvest from where you did not sow?


I have learned from scripture and observation that poverty is acquired, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. It is not inherited. Poverty can be seen in a man or woman’s character or attitude in life. Take Solomon’s advice above!


Ask the Lord to help you know the financial seasons of your life and to have diligent hands that  plant and harvest in due season.

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