Three Steps to Increase Your Ability to Hear God’s Voice

And the LORD came, and stood, and called as at other times, Samuel, Samuel. Then Samuel answered, Speak; for thy servant heareth  (1 Sam. 3:10 KJV)

God spoke to the young prophet Samuel with an audible human voice, but Samuel thought it was Eli’s voice he heard. Samuel’s story reveals three key steps critical for appropriating God’s voice in our lives: hearing, recognizing, and responding.

Hearing is perceiving God’s voice, either with our hearts or physical ears. It is the first step when His voice or word comes to us. Samuel heard God’s audible voice—it was a human-like voice, similar to the voice of Eli, the priest. Today, we typically do not hear God’s voice as an audible voice, though God can, and does indeed, continue to speak that way. Instead, we usually hear His voice in our hearts.

We must recognize the voice of God we hear to receive what He is saying to us. Samuel heard God’s voice but did not know it was God who spoke to him: Samuel did not discern God’s voice. How many of us are in the same plight today as young Samuel was? We hear God, but we have no clue that God is speaking to us. Discerning the voice of God is crucial; His voice will be useless to us until we know that it is God we are hearing.

Besides recognizing His voice, we have to respond to that voice to benefit from it. God continued to call Samuel’s name with an audible voice until Samuel knew it was the Lord and responded by saying, “speak Lord, for Thy servant heareth.” As soon as Samuel spoke these words, God began telling him what He wanted to us.

Appropriating God’s voice requires us to hear, recognize and respond to it.

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Which of the three steps mentioned above is problematic for you?

Apply the Word

Our problem today as believers is not one of hearing God’s voice but recognizing and responding to it. Increase in your ability to recognize and respond to God this year. Learn more about hearing God’s voice and discerning God amongst the many voices we hear.


Ask the Spirit to help you grow in your hearing, recognizing, and responding to His voice. 

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Joe P. Moiguah
Joe P. Moiguah
10 months ago

Thank you very much sir, for being a blessing. Good word.