Improve your life with the knowledge of the Word

And by knowledge the rooms are filled With all precious and pleasant riches. (Prov. 24:4 NAS)

The knowledge of the Word of God will improve your life. The knowledge of God is experiential-you become a partaker of what you know. If God wants to upgrade your life, and move you to a new experience with Him, He brings knowledge into you. This is what revelation is. It is a key to the treasures of grace.

The scripture above shows us that, by knowledge, the rooms of a house are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. God is not concerned about the rooms of your physical house here. The house is your life. By knowledge, all the rooms of your life will be filled with the riches of life. All the rooms, from the room of your relationship with God, family, ministry to your finances, business, and health, will be filled with pleasant and precious riches. The quality of life you enjoy right now is on par with the degree of revelation and knowledge you currently have. Improve your life. The knowledge of God will transform your world. Be hungry for it. Go for more. You cannot over do it!


Meditation is spiritually feeding on the word. Give the Word time in your mouth and mind. Ponder and mutter the verse above. What part of your life is filled with riches, and what part is poor and deficient? Do you see how to improve your life now?


Take a moment and praise the Lord for the wonders of His Word given to us. Ask Him to strengthen you, by His Spirit, to engage in a lifetime endeavor of continuously improving your life, from glory to glory.


Please do not read this devotional, and think “that’s a good piece”, but do nothing about it. Put God’s Word to work. Do not let your hunger for the Word remain the same. Do not let your time with the Word remain the same. Do not read this and just do nothing with it. No matter how small the action is, just ACT ON THE WORD. This is where the blessing is, when we learn to DO WHAT HE SAYS. What will you do from here?

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  1. God,thank you for your word that fills us with all precious and pleasant things.
    This devotional is telling me that in every area of lack in my life my solution is in the word of God.i will therefore invest in acquiring knowledge in His word,in Jesus name.Amen!

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