The Breadth and Depth of the Bible

I have seen an end of all perfection, but your commandment is exceedingly broad. (Psalm 119:96, KJV)

To truly understand the wisdom of the Scriptures, we must grasp the entirety of God’s message in the Bible. The Bible encompasses both breadth and depth; comprehending this concept is vital for our Bible studies.

Imagine a sumptuous buffet table prepared by God, offering 100 distinct choice dishes. Each dish contains numerous sub-dishes, parts, and components. On this divine buffet table, we have 100 dishes, each brimming with intricate details. God desires us to savor and explore all these 100 dishes, appreciating the richness of each one. The total number of dishes represents the breadth or scope of the Scriptures, while the details within each dish symbolize their depth.

The Scriptures possess remarkable scope(or breadth). With 66 books, various chapters, and verses, they offer diverse insights into God’s message. Moreover, every passage or verse holds inexhaustible depth, revealing new and captivating revelations with each study. Delving into just one book or a few verses in great detail is insufficient. Likewise, skimming through the Bible superficially, lacking depth, is discouraged. The ideal approach is to strive for balance: embracing the entirety of the passages (breadth) while exploring the depth of each within our earthly time.

Bible reading provides breadth, while Bible study deepens our understanding of specific passages. Focusing solely on breadth without depth results in shallow knowledge, akin to someone who merely tastes all 100 dishes on God’s buffet table without savoring any of them. Conversely, solely pursuing depth without breadth leads to a limited understanding of God’s grand design, like someone who solely consumes one dish and misses out on the broader experience.

Therefore, strive for balance. Both Bible reading and Bible study have their rightful place. They work in harmony, enabling you to acquire both breadth and depth.


Reflect upon the concepts of breadth and depth presented above. How would you describe your knowledge of the Bible using these terms?

Apply the Word

Invest in both breadth and depth when studying the Bible. Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in developing effective study skills.


Ask the Lord to assist you in your pursuit of comprehensive Bible knowledge in breadth and depth.

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