Grace Abounds Where Sin Increases

Now the law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more  (Rom. 5:20 ESV)

There is a spiritual proportional correlation between grace and sin.  When sin increases, grace has to increase for the righteous to continue living in righteousness.  This is because grace is the antidote of sin. 

When God talks about an increase in grace in this context, He is not referring to His divine favor per se increasing upon the earth. He cannot love us or show us more favor than when He has already demonstrated in Christ. During a  live  Glory & Grace Live Bible Study last month, I taught on the Anatomy of grace, looking at the different facts of grace. Divine favor is the foundational concept in grace but that favor shows up in different ways. One of the manifestations is divine ability operating in us to help us do something or overcome an obstacle. 

It takes the power of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of grace, to overcome sin. When that power is operational in us, we call this grace. When the Lord speaks of grace increasing when sin increases, He is talking about His divine enablement in us increasing to such a degree that it overshadows the power and influence of sin. Therefore grace can grow and increase in your life. This is why if someone is struggling with some sin, we could say they need grace. That does not mean they need God to love them more or show them more favor per se. It means they need to have more of the power of God showing up in their daily walk to help them break off that habit or sin.

The Lord has to increase grace when sin increases, otherwise, His people will not survive. This is the reason why there will be glorious experiences of the power of God in these days that no generation of Christians has ever experienced. The grows from the reality that the degree of sin, evil, wickedness and even depravity of the human nature that this generation is facing is like nothing any age before has ever faced. However, God has a remedy for sin. It is called grace!


Declare that “I am growing in grace in every aspect of my life”.


Believers need grace to live above the increasing sin in our culture. Pastors need grace to deal with the increasing difficulties of shepherding believers. We all need grace to face the growing madness of sin in the world. Seek to grow in grace. The grace you have in our personal walk or ministry today might not be enough to withstand the pressure of sin and the world tomorrow. Keep growing in grace!


Thank the Lord for an abundant supply of grace that is always available for you in Christ. 

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