We were dead in trespasses and sins

And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins (Ephesians 2:1, KJV)

After giving us a glimpse of our glorious state in Christ in Ephesians 1, Paul begins the next chapter by describing for us where we came from. He uses the words “were dead” to indicate the continual state of being  called death in which we were living before becoming Children of God. It is no longer applicable to us now, but it was what we were before. We have now passed from death to life! What does it mean to be dead in trespasses and sins?

Death here is used figuratively to describe the condition of the sinner’s spirit. It is, therefore not physical but spiritual death. The first and most important principle here is to acknowledge that spiritual death does not mean the cessation of existence. It rather refers to a state of being or existing and function. Spiritually dead people are still living, but are doing so in a different way. It is this way of living of the sinner that God calls death. So what then is the characteristic of this way of living called death?

There are two key characteristics of death. The first is that death means existing without God  Who is the source of life. If you think about it for a minute,the reality will hit home. God is the source of joy, peace, wellbeing, love, and every good thing you can imagine. Now imagine existing without any of these good things in life. Does that give you a glimpse of hell? The world today still has God manifesting; that is why you still see good around.

The second key characteristic of death besides separation from God is a connection with Satan or the evil one. As life is to God, so death is to Satan. Death is a state of existence where humans are separated from God and under Satan’s rule and control. Fear, anxiety, disease, evil, sins, suffering etc some of the manifestations of death, while joy, peace, fellowship with God’s presence are manifestations of life. The good news is that as a Child of God, you have passed from death to life in Christ. Your spirit is no longer abiding in death. It is now your turn to work with the Spirit and the Word of God to bring your body and soul under the influence and control of God’s life in this present world.


What is spiritual death? Can a believer who is already passed from death to live still continue to live in death, such as in sin,  in this present life?


You have passed from death to life. Refuse to allow death reign in your soul or body! Grow to the fulness of sonship and rule over death!


Ask the Father to help you experience His life in every area of your life!

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