What Angels Do in Heaven When One Sinner Repents

Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth (Luke 15:10 KJV).

God cherishes every person and rejoices when a sinner repents. The angels join in the celebration too. Have you ever wondered why?

In Luke 15, Jesus narrates the parables of the lost sheep and coin. Through these stories, He reveals that when a sinner repents and embraces Jesus in their heart, immense joy floods the presence of God’s angels. This joyous occasion transforms heaven into a place of festivity, with angels singing, shouting, clapping, and extolling God for His mercy. Amidst the festivities, the atmosphere brims with the sounds of jubilation.

Conversely, someone who has just accepted Jesus might be oblivious to the heavenly celebrations. They might have read a book in their room and welcomed Jesus without an altar call, melodious choir, or preacher. However, if God were to open their spiritual eyes, they would marvel at the sight of the Father and the angels rejoicing as they welcome them home.

So, why do angels rejoice so profoundly when a sinner repents? They comprehend the dire fate awaiting those who reject Christ and the incredible glory reserved for God’s children. This understanding inspires us to guide the lost to believe in Christ, filling heaven with joy by rescuing sinners from the darkness.

Let this truth resonate within you: the Father and the angels rejoiced at your new birth! Do you want to bring joy to the Father and prompt the angels to celebrate? Share the Gospel with others, and inform them that salvation is available to all who believe in Jesus.


Reflect on the significance of the celebration in heaven when a sinner repents. How can you share this truth with others?

Apply the Word

God calls us to be ambassadors of His love and salvation. Seize every opportunity to share the Gospel with others and lead them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Father, bestow upon us the grace and boldness to share the Gospel with those who do not know You. Help us to be faithful witnesses of Your love and salvation.

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