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Divine favor is like the dew upon the grass

The king’s wrath is as the roaring of a lion; But his favour is as dew upon the grass (Proverbs 19:12, KJV)

Solomon says the favor of a king is as dew upon the grass. He was a king in Israel, the wealthiest and wisest king the nation of Israel ever had. He was speaking from the perspective of a king. When a king favors someone, he says the closest thing he could think of was the effect of the dew upon the grass. The dew causes the grass to flourish and blossom!

There is such a thing as  favor, even with men. However, what is of concern to us is the favor that has been lavished upon us by the Father through the grace of Jesus Christ. We are told that the Father has lavished divine favor upon us in the Beloved( Eph. 1:6). This favor, just as Solomon says, is like the dew upon the grass. It means it will make your life better, sweeter, and more glorious!

This analogy with the grass  is important to grasp because we are often tempted to think of favor as merely some disposition or affection. When God favors you, He is not saying He thinks well about you or has a good disposition towards you. Divine favor is something that God does or gives to you. The expectation is that after He does or give you whatever gift it is, you will flourish like grass that is being watered!


Think about what happens when you water grass that has been deprived of water for a while. Is there a part in your life that is experiencing dryness and in need of the dew of heaven? How does Eph. 1:3, 6 apply to that situation?


You are highly favored in Christ. Let this be your mindset. Let it be what you believe. Start believing and putting divine favor at work in your spiritual life, ministry, family, business, finances, etc. Faith activates and receives grace!


Bless the Lord for the showers of divine favor pouring upon us in Christ. 

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