Created by God and for God

For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth….. all things were created by him, and for him (Colossians 1:16, KJV)

The purpose and destiny of every man or woman on the earth is  inseparably connected to our Creator and Father! We were made in His image and likeness, to be and live like Him. There is no destiny or purpose for any human being outside of God’s will. Once a man or woman finds their place in God, everything else begins to make sense.

God created us, and again recreated us in Christ for Him. We were made to be in relationship with the Father. That means He wired us for this purpose. Let me briefly state three key capacities in us which were put by God to enable us to relate with Him.

The first is that He made us with the ability to perceive Him. God, as Creator, has to be manifested or revealed to His creation to see. He made us with the ability to perceive, see or know Him. We can understand His Word when He speaks to us. We can feel His love in our emotions. We are wired to perceive the beauties of our God.

The second capacity is the ability to contain Him. You cannot read the New Testament, especially the epistles,  without taking note of how many times the words “fill”, “filled”, “full” are used as well as the concept of a vessel, that is, a container. God made us with the capacity to contain Him, just as a vessel contains water. Quite remarkably, we can contain Him to different degrees, as as a container can have different amounts of water! In Christ, the fullness has been given to us!

The third capacity in us is to express Him. This means the ability for the believer in Christ  make God visible or known. The invisible God wants to be expressed in and through you. Your soul(emotions, thoughts, will) and body are instruments of expression. You have the capacity to do this.

Your destiny or purpose in Christ is bigger than some ministry calling you have. Your ultimate purpose is not to be a pastor, prophet, teacher etc. These are secondary ministry destinies or callings.  In Christ, you are called to be the full expression of the divine being in the flesh. What a privilege!


What is your ultimate or the most superior purpose or destiny in your life as a human being? In what way were you created “for Him”?


The Lord wants that His character summed up in the word “love”, power and wisdom should be enjoyed by you(partaking of the divine nature) and also expressed by you. If you understand this critical truth I share repeatedly, you will capture the heart of what the glory of God in us is. The next time you are acting, remember, nothing other than God should be seen! And nothing in your life that does not look like God is permitted there!


Bless the Lord for His grace that has brought us into the glory. 

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