What Is The Former And The Latter Rain?

That I will give you the rain of your land in his due season, the first rain and the latter rain, that thou mayest gather in thy corn, and thy wine, and thine oil. (Deuteronomy 11:14 KJV)

Sound of abundance of rain showing a heart in rain

Rain in ancient Israel played a crucial agricultural role: it was a matter of life or death, plenty or famine, wealth or poverty. Even more important, the idea of rain—former and latter—had profound spiritual significance, first to Israel and then to us.

The rainy season in Palestine extends from October to April. The Israelites identified two critical times in this season: the beginning and end of the rainy season. The beginning period was called the early or former rain (Hebrew yoreh) and typically lasted from Mid-October to early November (fall rains); the end was called the latter rains and typically lasted from late March to early April.

Besides their critical timing, the former and the latter rains had distinct agricultural roles. The former rain, which ends the dry season and starts the rainy season, prepares the ground for plowing and sowing. In contrast, the latter rains provide the moisture that matures the grains and prepares them for harvest. So, the former rain is associated with preparation and the latter with harvest.

The spiritual significance of this simple concept is vital. The rain is God’s blessing, as His Word or Spirit.  The ground represents people’s hearts. The early rain means God’s work on our hearts, breaking up the fallow grounds and making our hearts soft. The latter rain represents His work of maturing His Church and preparing us for the great harvest. Furthermore, God promises to give both the former and the latter rain in the same month. 

Let it rain, Lord!


What are the differences in the rainy season, the former rain and the latter in ancient Israel?

Apply the Word

Can you see God’s purpose for pouring out His Spirit from this idea of the early and latter rains? Ask Him for rain.


Ask the Father for the former and latter rain in the same month.

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  1. O how I thank you for your succinct writing! I have been studying the ‘Deep calls to Deep’ and have now come across the concept of the rainy seasons in Israel and how it affects the lifestyle of God’s people.

    Adding this to the insights about Mount Hermon and the Banias Falls that “waters” the land is super-amazing to me.

    May the Holy Spirit grant full revelation.

    Thanks for sharing. Blessings

  2. I’m confused … the text says that God promises both in the same month … and it even suggests that we call out for it … but your comment says that it’s not normal OR possible for both to come in the same month. I must be missing something so I remain confused

    1. Oh sorry, Bonnie for that. It is indeed an unusual, abnormal thing for the early and latter rain to fall in the same month. As the devotional mentions, the normal or usual sequence is as follows: early rains fall in October and latter rains in April. The Israelites did not expect early and latter rains in the same month. So for God to tell them that He was going to give them both rains in the same month was an extraordinary event—a miracle, so to speak. First, God giving them rain was a blessing. Second, God giving them both rains in the same month is a blessing upon a blessing, the double miracle. For example, Sarah’s miracle baby at 90 years of age was something beyond the normal. Only God would make such an impossibility possible.

      So when God added the little phrase “in the same month”, He was telling them He will not only give them rain( a blessing in itself), but He was give them unusual results as I explained below. It is grace for unusual results, receiving in one month what usually takes about 6 months( October to April)! Some have called this grace for acceleration or divine speed. Please let me know if this is still unclear. Blessings there!

    1. That is grace for unusual results. It is not normal or possible to have both rains in the same month. If God makes it happen, He is doing the impossible for an unusual and rapid results with preparation and harvest happening at the same time. For example today, God is softening people’s hearts like the former rain and saving them, harvesting them unto eternal life like the later rain. Or for believers, He is workings in our hearts, changing us, preparing us as the former rain and at the same time causing us to bear fruits in different areas such as our relationship with Him, ministry, families, etc.
      Hope this helps. Let me know if something else remains unclear. Blessings.

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