There is a sound of abundance of rain

And Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain (1 Kings 18:41 KJV)

showers of blessing

After three years of famine in Israel, Elijah told King Ahab, “there is a sound of abundance of rain.” There were no dark clouds, thunderstorms, or winds that indicated there would be rain. The very fact that they had been in famine for more than three years meant Elijah either knew what he was talking about or was out of his mind. However, Elijah had heard from God and had seen a small cloud in the sky that was the beginning of an outpouring to end the famine.

We are living in a season in which there is a sound of an abundance of spiritual rain. You can sense what the Lord is about to do in the realm of the Spirit. The Church will enter into a phase of the glory of God that will sweep across the earth. When rain falls, the desert becomes fertile, and the trees grow with healthy leaves and abundant fruit. Rain represents the heavenly, causing the earth to become fertile and fruitful. 

That rain will fall upon us in the Word and the Spirit. Living by the Word and walking in the Spirit will be the way forward in the realms of the glory that has already started hovering on the earth. Hear that sound of the abundance of rain and let it pour continually upon you!


What happens when rain falls on a piece of grass? How does that relate to your life? 


The Holy Spirit has already been given to us. The Word is already with us as the scriptures. This is not the dimension of rain I am referring to you. It is the rain of walking in the wisdom and power of God, experiencing and expressing His fullness and presence, seeing sinners’ hearts transformed by the power of the Gospel, etc. It is a tangible experience and expression of God’s presence and power that will beautify believers’ lives. Hear that sound and connect!


Ask the Spirit to help you hear the sound of the rain from heaven and position yourself accordingly.  

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