Flourishing Like a Palm Tree

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. (Ps. 92:12 KJV)

A tree is often used in Scriptures as a figure to describe our lives, as in the scripture above, where it says our lives will flourish like a palm tree.

Two key traits characterize the life of a flourishing tree: its leaves and its fruit. The leaves of a thriving tree are always green and never dry. The tree also bears fruit in due season. A struggling tree has dry leaves and fails to bring forth fruit, usually because of the absence of water. God’s Word has decreed that your spiritual life, health, finances, and family would always be green! You will bear spiritual fruit as well as physical fruit. You are born to be ever green and fruitful!


Meditation gets the Word into our spirits (hearts) as we ponder and mutter upon it. Take a moment to get the Word above deep down inside you.


Thank the Lord for His Word that has decreed your family, business, spiritual life, and ministry to always be green!


Are you flourishing? You keep your life ever green and fruitful by planting yourself by the river of water! You abide in His Word. Pay attention to God’s Word, and keep feeding on the Word and doing it. That’s how you abide in Him and keep yourself by the water of life! If you are dry in any area of your life, look for the Word of God in that area, and start DOING what it says today!

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