Be planted by the river of living water

And he will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season, And its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers. (Ps. 1:3 NAS)

The river of living water is the constant flow of divine provisions to meet every need and thirst in our lives. Water is that which proceeds out of God to satisfy our needs. There is a place where God’s provisions are abundant. There is a place where there is no spiritual dryness or weariness. It is a place of victory over sin, satan, depression, sickness, and all the elements of the earth. There is such a place, by the river of life (Ps. 46:4).

God wants your life to be perpetually supplied by this river. He wants you, like a tree, to be planted by this river so that you will never hunger or thirst. Someone once told me that the Christian life is “up and down”. This is not true. God did not say this; we did. If we are firmly planted by the river of living water, we will always be furnished with the life from heaven. A tree by the river does not shed its leaves, or have a fruitless season, because of shortage of water. It is ever green, and ever fruitful. That’s God’s desire for you. The day we learn to constantly be at His feet, like Mary, to be fed with the Bread and Water of His Word by His Spirit, then we will discover that there is truly a river, and we can be planted by it ( Luke 10:42).


Think about the reality of the verse above. There is a river, and you can be planted by that river.  Is your life ever green and fruitful? Or are you still bombarded with the “highs and lows” in your spiritual life?


Thank the Lord for the river. Ask Him to open your eyes to see that river and help you get planted there.


There is a river. The choice is ours to be planted by it. One of the greatest stumbling blocks for the believer to be planted by the river of living water, is the idea that the Christian life normally has “highs and lows. This attitude is a spiritual stronghold.  If you allow the Word to remove this thought from your mind, then you are on your way to a constant flow of victory. Plant yourself by maintaining constant fellowship with God in His Word and with the Spirit. When you plant yourself by His river, then spiritual famine, and fluctuating “spiritual temperatures” will be a thing of the past.

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