Flourishing in God’s Presence

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon (Ps. 92:12 KJV).

Flourishing in God's presence image showing a healthy palm tree

The scripture above makes it clear that the believer, who is God’s righteous one in Christ, has been destined to flourish in life like a palm tree. The metaphor used to convey the idea of flourishing is that of a tree planted beside an abundantly flowing river. Such a tree grows vigorously, has healthy leaves, and produces fruits every season.

God says in the scripture above that the righteous shall flourish like the palm tree. He compares your life to that of the tree. Your leaves represent the overall state of health of your body, soul, and spirit. Green leaves represent good physical and emotional health. Christ has promised a flourishing life for you, which implies that He has brought healing and health to you because you are planted beside the river of living water.

The fruit of the tree represents the works of your hands and the paths of your feet. The works of your hands include the things you  do, such as your business, job, family, endeavors, etc. The paths of your feet involve your ways in life, dealing more with your attitudes, behaviors, or manner of life. The Lord says the works of your hands and the paths of your feet will flourish and become prosperous and successful.

Green leaves and abundant fruit are what scripture calls “good success” (Jos. 1:8.) You were created to flourish!


What sometimes  causes trees to wither and become dry rather than flourish? How does this apply to your life?


What should you do if you are not seeing flourishing in an area of your life? Get revelation from the Word, believe it, and start doing it or living it. It is that simple, and you will certainly see results.


Thank the Lord for the gift of flourishing today. Pray that God will help you increase in knowledge and faith to take full possession of your right to flourishing in Christ.

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