The horse is prepared against the day of battle

The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD (Proverbs 21:31 ESV)

Solomon sums up the mystery of divine workings with men in the verse above. He says the horse is prepared against the day of battle. Military generals in Bible times preparing for any battle will get their horses, including the horsemen ready and in good shape, ready for the day of battle. However, he adds that the victory belongs to the LORD. What does that have to do with us today?

God operates on the earth through human beings. Though the victory comes from Him, He will still have you prepare the horse for battle. There is a part you have to play. This is an astonishing balance between divine sovereignty and human authority, which can also be seen at work in the balance between grace and faith.

God can sovereignly make you pass any exam by giving you all the answers in a dream. However, though He might sometimes do this, this is not His usual way of working. He will have you study and in that process of studying(preparing your horse for battle), He will grant you the victory.

Some of you are probably praying for God to prosper you financially and make you rich. He wants to do. Trust me on this. However, God cannot do it when your financial horse is not prepared for battle. For instance, imagine we have an uncontrollable spending habit or have nothing we  are doing that He can prosper. What if , like the prodigal son, we will ruin our faith and walk out if God puts riches into hands! It serves no purpose praying for money if our horses are in this state.  Prepare your horse for battle and the Lord will give you the victory! 

Imagine someone praying for divine healing or good health and still smokes cigarettes? Or imagine someone asking for a great anointing to shake the world when the horse of controlling their sexual desires is not yet ready!  Whether it is in your walk with the Lord, finances, health, marriage, etc, please ensure you prepare your horse for battle and the Lord will increase the victories in your life!


What is the horse that you need to prepare for your finances, health, marriage, etc to move to another level?


The LORD has some blessings in His hands, just waiting for some horses to be prepared. Maybe the day you take away that bitterness in your heart, He will bring that wife or husband you have not stopped asking Him about! For some of you, the day you will start having regular time with God, then that practical fellowship with His presence you so desire will be poured out upon you. Prayer is critical, but there are some things in life, asking in prayer is just not enough. Maybe you should stop praying about money and start being generous or maybe start that business God can bless.  Prepare your horse for battle and receive the victory from the LORD!


Ask the Spirit to help you prepare the horse for the Lord to bring victory in any area in your life that is suffering because the horse is not ready. 

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  1. Wow woo!
    Thank you Holy Spirit for locating me here…
    What a food for the soul, am highly blessed to come across this! 🙌💃🙏
    Thank you so much beloved of God!

    1. Pleased to know that, thank you for sharing that with me Constance. Indeed the Lord has told me to feed His Church and thankful for His Spirit making this a reality. Blessings!

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