Blessed Are Those that Hear the Word of God and Keep It

But he said, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it! (Luke 11:28 ESV)

Do you want to be blessed? Here is what Jesus says you should do: hear God’s Word and do it.

Doing what God says is crucial to our spiritual well-being, progress, and destiny. We can trace every single human heartache, calamity, sorry, or misery to just one thing: not doing what He has commanded us to do. Human neglect or despise of God’s words has been the downfall of the human race from Adam and Eve.

The blessing, the longing of every believer’s heart, is closely connected to the Word of God. In Genesis 1:27, God blessed Adam and Eve by speaking to them. God’s Word defines the blessing. When God speaks well about you, you are blessed for life! So when God speaks, His very words create the atmosphere for the blessing. 

God releases the blessing by speaking, and we appropriate that blessing by doing. 

Sadly, we often limit God’s commands or instructions to the big things, like Abraham leaving His family to go to a foreign land. However, most of God’s commands to us today for every day will be in little things. For instance, for some of you, God’s Word is for you to live a holy life and sever that ungodly sexual relationship. For others, God wants you to forgive or to stop speaking against other Christians or ministers.

Do not wait for a big commandment from God to do His Word. Commit yourself to always doing whatever God commands you in the Bible. Never allow your heart to be so hardened that you intentionally disobey God continually. That is a fearful and terrible place to be in. Fear God always, and do His Word.


What does it mean to “keep” God’s word?

Apply the Word

Here is a simple test to see if you are a doer: God’s Word says, “be anxious for nothing”. Are you doing what God has commanded in Philippians 4:6?  Resolve to be a doer of God’s Word, in big or small matters.


Ask the Spirit to strengthen you, never to harden your heart in disobedience. 

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