What Does it Mean to Pass from Death to Life? 

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life. (John 5:24, KJV)

Jesus stated that anyone who believes in Him has passed from death to life. We will examine the keywords: passed, death, and life.

First, Jesus’ words convey that passing from death to life is a present experience, not merely a future expectation. We had already passed from death to life when we believed in Him, taking part in His resurrection immediately.

The Bible employs “death” more broadly than just physical death. In this broader context, death represents a state outside of God, who is life and can be eternal, spiritual, or physical.

To illustrate death, consider the Fall. When Adam sinned, he died immediately, separated from God by eternal death. However, he continued to live physically, experiencing fear, shame, and disease— manifestations of spiritual death in his soul and body. After 930 years, he finally died physically.

In contrast, when we receive Jesus, we obtain eternal life, passing from eternal death to eternal life. The term “pass” denotes a transition from one state to another. Eternal life manifests in us now as spiritual life—expressions of God’s life in our hearts and bodies, such as joy, peace, wisdom, and health. Eventually, we will experience the resurrection from the grave, passing from physical death to physical life.

Thus, in Christ, we have already passed from death to life. We ought to enjoy eternal life now, but an aspect of this life will only be fulfilled during the final resurrection of our bodies. Let eternal life invigorate your body and soul!


Contemplate what it means to pass from death to life. How does this relate to Satan’s activities in your life? (Col. 1:13).

Application of the Word

Transitioning from depression to joy signifies passing from spiritual death to spiritual life. You have already passed from death to life in spirit. Let this transition occur in your emotions, thoughts, will, body, and circumstances!


Express gratitude to the Father for the incredible gift of life.

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  1. Man is a living soul he has a spirit, and lives in the body. The bible says the soul that sinneth shall die. Therefore it is the soul that sinned, not the spirit,therefore when the Word of God comes to a man it is the soul that He act on and quickened, therefore it is the soul that got born again and not the spirit. Your message is in Line with the manifested Christ in the hour(the church. Not a denomination) only lock into the spirit and the soul and get it correct, bless you

    1. Thoughtful feedback. I have read and understood what you mean.
      A quick question for you. Have you PERSONALLY studied the meanings of the words “spirit” and “soul” as they apply to man?

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