Why did Jesus Come to Earth?

Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and I am here. I came not of my own accord, but he sent me (Jn. 8:42 ESV).

why did jesus come to earth

Why did Jesus come to the earth, only to die at the age of 33? The answer to this question is found in Jesus’ own words above. He did not come to earth of His own accord, but the Father sent Him! Jesus was sent by God the Father, to accomplish a specific task, according to the Father’s will. Therefore, the Father’s will, or purpose, holds the answer as to why Jesus came to earth.

The Father’s will is two-fold. The first was to deliver us from Satan, and all the bondages of sin that have plagued humanity. This is so exciting, but there is much more! The second part is to make us Children of God. God’s will is for us to have the very life and Spirit of God, so He can bring us into His glory, to partake of His divine nature.

Jesus came so we can become living Tabernacles of the Lord, dwelling on the earth. This is Christianity! It is the joy of our salvation! It is wonderful to be forgiven, but Jesus came for more. Do not waste your entire Christian life battling with sin and Satan. You were born for more. Jesus came to make you a living manifestation of the fullness of God!


What does the verb “to send” mean as used in the verse above? Declare that “Jesus was sent by God to ensure I am free from all bondage and oppression, so I can enjoy the life of God until it overflows”!


You were God’s target when He sent Jesus! Do not let His sacrifice be in vain. Take advantage of your salvation by growing in your knowledge and faith.


Thank the Father right now for sending Jesus to the earth to guarantee your freedom and place in glory.

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