When the Holy Ghost teaches you

For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say (Luke 12:12 KJV)

Jesus told His disciples that when they are being persecuted and brought before rulers and kings, they should not be worried about what they would say. Why? Because the Holy Ghost will teach them at that same instant what they ought to say. This is astonishing! I want you to think about what Jesus is saying, not to miss the insight.

Imagine you are standing before a ruler and being questioned about your faith in Jesus. Jesus says as soon as the ruler asks you any questions, the Holy Ghost will teach you the answer at that same instant. What kind of lecture will take place in less in 2-3 seconds or so to teach you the correct answer to give? This is where the mystery of this verse lies. It is in the meaning of the word “teach”.

When we read “teach”, we often think of our classic methods of teaching. We imagine the Holy Ghost will speak to us  and explain things as a regular teacher does so that we  can understand and then answer the question. This is not what Jesus is talking about!  The Holy Ghost does not “teach” us by giving us a lecture or even speaking to our ears what to do. He teaches us by the impartation of the knowledge, wisdom, or skill right in our being! It means when the ruler will ask you a question, you will know what to say.That knowledge will not be you, but the Spirit working! He teaches us by imparting the knowledge, wisdom or skill we need to do a task. We do not need to hear a voice. We do not need to see Him. You simply realize that you know what to do or you have the skill to accomplish a task. That is an impartation from the Spirit! That is the Spirit teaching you!

I have shared before on the importance of recognizing the Holy Spirit. He does not teach us like this by some audible voice inside. I want you to start paying attention to Him!


What does it mean for the Holy Spirit to teach us? I want you to apply the devotional above to what the Psalmist said in Ps 144:1.


The problem all of us are facing is not that the Holy Ghost does not teach us but that we are in His class but not paying attention. Be sure to pay attention from today. Your Teacher is not beside you but in you. He is not speaking with a voice inside of you like a robot, but He imparts knowledge, wisdom, and skill inside of you. Enjoy your next lecture with the Holy Ghost!


Thank the Father for giving you such a wonderful Teacher. 

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  1. Thank you, Pastor Patrick for this message. It is indeed an eye opener in certain areas that I have been seeking answers. God bless you.

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