Three Spheres of Operation of God’s Power in Your Life

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek (Romans 1:16 KJV)

As I study the Word, I can’t stop acknowledging the differences between what the scriptures teach and my Christian experience. My mind is continually renewed as I learn what the Lord says in the Word. One such area of my Christian life is with the power of  God.

As a typical charismatic, the word “power” almost always meant miracles, signs, and wonders to me. I am familiar with healings, deliverance, “falling under the power,” etc., and  I stand grateful for my Christian upbringing with the early exposure to the visible demonstration of the power of God and the gifts of the Spirit.

However, there is more about God’s power than just miracles. It has taken me a long time to search the Word and interact with other believers to recognize this simple but profound truth. God’s power is pleomorphic in its operations—it has different ways it operates in our lives. Sadly, we are often tempted to encamp around one facet of truth. Resist this temptation in every way. Receive all God has said, whether it is part of your experience, denominational canons, or comfort zone. 

I will briefly share three distinct spheres of operations of the power of God in our daily Christian lives: new birth, transformation, and miracles.

Miracles are supernatural alterations of the course of natural or physical events. From the biblical perspective, they often deal with the material, bodily or natural issues of our lives, such as Moses splitting the red sea, Jesus healing people from mental and physical ailments, and casting our demons. Miracles occur today, and we need them. God uses miracles to meet the urgent needs of His people and, most importantly, to draw the world to believe that Jesus is the Christ. 

Besides miracles( supernatural alterations of natural events), the greatest manifestation of the power of God in any human being’s life is the conversion of that person from a sinner to a saint. Though you probably did not feel a shaking in your body or “fell under the power” on the day you got born again, what happened to you that day was a glorious manifestation of God’s power. No miracle in your body, family, or finances comes close. Sadly, since nothing was physical, the power at work at the new birth is often underestimated or undermined.

After the new birth experience, there is a third and excellent operation of the power of God that continues throughout our lives on earth. This is the daily transformation of the believer’s heart, the renewal of their mind, the change of their character, produced by the hidden yet glorious operations of the power of the Holy Spirit. When this sphere of power fails to operate, believers continue to struggle with various vices such as the same sins, behavioral patterns, bondages, and addictions for the rest of their Christian lives. If you want to know God’s heartbeat NOW for us His people, understand this sphere. This is what He wants to do—sadly, many times, we will not let Him, although we continue seeking breakthroughs and miracles every day.

In conclusion, receive all of God’s power in your life. After the new birth, allow the Spirit’s power to operate powerfully in your heart and in miracles whenever needed.

What are the three spheres of the operations of God’s power in your life, as listed above?

I am sure there is someone reading this devotional who still thinks God’s power is not working in them simply because they do not see miracles. Now you know better! For some of you, the Holy Spirit is currently working powerfully in your heart even as you read this devotional. So cooperate with Him in any sphere that His power is at work in your life!

Ask the Spirit to help you receive all the spheres of the operations of His power in your daily life.  

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