While Peter Thought on the Vision

While Peter thought on the vision, the Spirit said unto him, Behold, three men seek thee (Acts 10:19 KJV)

While Peter thought on the vision showing an asian young man thinking

The Lord gives us a remarkable revelation in the verse above regarding what we can do to trigger the voice of God or His revelation in our lives. I had learned this a long time ago, but the Lord renewed this lesson to me lately using the verse above.

The verse says that while Peter was thinking about the vision he had just received, the Spirit spoke to him. In other words, the Spirit starting explaining the vision to him when he was actively engaged in his mind thinking about what he had seen. I pray that you catch this insight. It will transform your relationship with the Spirit. There are things you can do to provide divine encounters, revelations or the move of God in your life.  One way to do so is to get your mind engaged in the things of the Spirit as above.

Early on in my life of meditating on the Word, I discovered that revelations flood my heart when I engage my mind in thinking about the meaning, implication or application of the verses of scripture. For example, when I  prompt my mind with a question such as “why did the Spirit speak to Peter” in the verse above, the Spirit begins to release truths from the Word as I am thinking and SEEKING to know.

One way of provoking God’s voice in your life is the spiritual mind, which ponders on the things of the Spirit.


This insight above is one reason why meditation provokes revelation. It has been my experiences for many years now. Ponder upon the scripture above and allow the Spirit to speak to you.


Do you ever engage your mind in the things of the Spirit? Meditating on the Word is your opportunity to not only renew your mind but to train it in the way of the Spirit. Take meditation on the Word seriously if you have not yet done so!


Ask the Spirit of the Lord to help you train your mind in the Word

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