Breaking Strongholds in Your Life This Year

For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds  (2 Cor. 10:4 ESV)

We are in a spiritual warfare, and this new year certainly comes with another flavor of the struggle. Strongholds are fortified areas in a city or a home that are difficult to break through, and that could serve as a secure hideout in case there is an enemy attack. These are places that might be small but could be  extremely influential and carry the ability to change the course of an entire nation or city. Interestingly, the Lord shows us that there are not only national or local but individual strongholds that operate in people’s lives.

Do you know that you might also be having a stronghold in your life? I know some of you might be thinking of some demonic curse, a familiar spirit, generational curse or similar things. The fortresses in our lives are not outside, out there in some voodoo house. It is in us. Strongholds are in the MIND.  It is the way we think, the things we believe, our understanding of divine truth, the ideas that control our behavior, etc. For example, an atheist stronghold his or her understanding that there is not God.

There is a way we all think about intimacy with God, faith, love, money, health, healing, prosperity, relationships, etc. If, I pray it is not your case, your thinking or understanding on any of these things is wrong, that is, not founded on the Word, then you are in really big trouble. The worse part of it is that those with a stronghold do not realize it.  

You will not make a new stride forward this year until you allow God to rid your mind of any strongholds. If I ask you if you have any strongholds, you will probably say “no” because just like me, we are blinded to our strongholds until the Spirit of God begins to open our eyes to see by His grace and mercy.

New levels for this year will require a new mindset.


It is so important you understand what strongholds are. They are NOT demonic powers, but darkness in the minds of people. Please read these scriptures carefully- 2 Cor. 10:4-5, Rom. 8:6-7, Eph. 4:18.


Do you know that the poverty, disease, relationship turmoils, family crises, emotional breakdowns, etc. in your life or family might not be because of a demon or some external force but because of a stronghold in your mind? The only way to break free from these strongholds is to allow the Spirit to renew your mind by the Word of God. This is not the same as simply “changing the way you think.” It is deeper than that. The Spirit will open your eyes to see your strongholds and then bring about an inside-out transformation as  He fills our mind with the mind of Christ. Meditate, meditate, meditate on the Word for that is the only way to give the Spirit a chance to help you!


Ask the Lord to help you by first showing you strongholds in your life you might not even be aware of. 

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