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We are seated in heavenly places in Christ

And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:6, KJV)

The Apostle Paul spoke the words above through the Spirit, unveiling a mystery of the new creation in Christ. We are seated together with Christ in the heavenly places. What does this mean? Where are these heavenly places?

The word “places” is not present in the original Greek of this verse. It was added to bring out the  sense  of the sentence in our English language version. In the original  it reads “made us sit together in heavenlies…”. The word “places” adds meaning to the word “heavenlies” to convey the idea of place or location. Literally speaking, the verse means we are currently sitting with Jesus, where He is now in the heavens. Can this be true? How can we be sitting in heaven at the same time we are here on the earth? Two basic truths will allow us to resolve this superficial paradox.

The first is that heaven is not a physical place. We  are often tempted to think of heaven as if it is up there, somewhere higher as though we can get into a rocket and travel far enough to reach it someday after billion of light-years. No, heaven is not a physical place. It is a realm, a dimension that is outside of the physical.

The second truth that will help us understand this mystery is that the human being is a mysterious unity of spirit, soul and body. We are one being, made of different parts yet not functioning in different parts but functioning as one. The truth above that we are currently seated in the heavenly places right now is a truth that is addressing the state of our born again human spirit, that is, our spiritual or pneumatic existence. Your spirit at this very time as you are reading these words is seated with Christ in the heavenly places, at the right hand of God, far above all powers of darkness. When Satan, who is spirit, looks at you, he sees this position of authority and trembles. However, since many of us still do not even see that but are wholly consumed  by our physical existence, the part of us that is physical here and now, we continue to function like ordinary beings. 

You are seated in the heavenly places at this very instant! The realities of that realm are meant to govern your physical existence. A sad truth  is that it is possible to be seated with Christ, enthroned in heaven in your pneumatic existence while being enslaved by sin, Satan, disease, poverty, etc in our earthly physical existence. This is the dilemma of the majority of believers today. We are still to be transformed and yielded entirely to the Spirit to bring our physical existence to conform to our spiritual existence. The Lord once told me about 6 years ago when I was praying about financial prosperity that there is no poverty or disease where I am seated with Christ. There are few things that will provoke you to grow spiritually compared to when God shows you who you are in Christ and compare it to what you are here and now.  May this insight provoke you to be restless until your present physical life is completely in harmony with where you are seated in the heavenly places!


Can you describe in your own words, after understanding the devotional above,  the meaning of  being seated with Christ in the heavenly places?


Open your eyes and see yourself seated with Christ. Then allow the Spirit to transform your physical existence here on the earth to be conformed to who you really are.


Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see ( that is, make you come to know, understand, and accept) yourself seated in heavenly places in Christ. 

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Ana Maria Villarreal

Your short study on seated in Heavenly places ministered to me. Thank you.

Victor Tseu
Victor Tseu
1 year ago

The spirit lifted when the truth is shared. Praise the lord!

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