What Does “Seated in Heavenly Places” Mean?

And raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:6 ESV) 

In the volumes of the mysteries the Spirit revealed to him, Paul says we are seated with Christ in the heavenly places. But how can we be on earth now and still be in heaven at the same time? We will briefly examine the meaning and application of this glorious truth.

Let us begin with the tense of the verb seat and the term places. Paul uses a common Greek tense for seated,  which means the action occurred in the past, and its effects remain true when he was writing. Therefore, we will not be seated with Christ in heaven when He returns. We were seated with Him at salvation, and we are still seating there since then. Additionally, the word places is not in the original but had to be added in English to make sense. However, it carries the same idea as spheres or realms. However, the geographical connotation of the term places does not mean heaven is a physical place—somewhere up there.

The secret to understanding heavenly places lies in the mystery of human beings as spirit, soul, and body functioning as one. Though we traditionally describe three distinct parts of our being, these three parts function as one here on earth. With our bodies, we are present now in the earth; and with our spirit, we are also present now in the spiritual realm. We do not have to leave our bodies to enter into the spirit realm. Spiritual life is not an out-of-body experience—we sometimes have a few. Instead, it is experiencing the states of the spirit in the body and this physical world.

Heavenly places describe the spiritual status of our spirits that governs our lives on earth. This status is mainly that of rank or level of authority and power in fellowship with Christ. Therefore seated in the heavenly places describe the spiritual communion we have with Christ and the exalted position of spiritual authority we have NOW. When you speak to demons, you are talking to them from heavenly places, meaning the power and authority of your words come from a position in the spirit that is exceedingly above all others—God’s position.

Many years ago, I was praying about financial prosperity when the Lord interrupted me with an outstanding revelation; He revealed to me that there is no poverty or disease where I am currently seated with Christ. It is up to me to align my earthly places to my heavenly places through revelation and faith.

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What are heavenly places?

I hope this devotional has opened your eyes to your place in Christ and what your life should be from God’s perspective. Keep pressing on.

Ask the Father to help you come into the realities of this truth.

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    1. Hello Patricia! Praise the Lord! Pleased to know this was a piece that was a blessing to you.
      Here’s the big picture summary, and I will break it down into its different steps: let the Holy Spirit take over your life and your daily living will be in the heavenly places every minute.
      Let me break it down how that is done practically:

      1. You become heavenly or born of the Spirit the day you accepted Jesus.
      Think of it this way: that day Jesus came into your heart, the old you died and the new you, who is a child of God, was born.
      That new you is born of the Spirit, and is seated with Christ in the realm of the Spirit ALREADY.
      The first step to living a heavenly life on earth is to become heavenly, and that is what it means to be born again or born from above:

      “Jesus replied, “I tell you the solemn truth, unless a person is born from above, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”” (John 3:3, NET)

      2.Though your spirit is in the heavenly places with Christ, it does not directly live on earth.
      This is the mystery of our nature as spirit, soul and body and it can be a little confusing.
      God made us a mystery, a single being that lives in the realm of the spirit and the realm of the flesh at the same time.
      Through your spirit, you are in touch with the realm of Spirit where God is, where Christ is seated in the heavenly places and where Satan is too.
      But through your soul( emotions, thoughts, will) and body, you are in touch with the earthly world, the world of flesh.
      So we ar spirit and flesh at the same time.
      Why is this important?
      Our spirit is like Christ, full of God’s joy but we need that joy on earth where we live. WE can have joy in our spirits but be depressed in our earthly lives, the realm of the flesh.
      We can be rich in our spirits but be broke in our bank accounts here on earth.
      WE can have healing in our spirits but be sick in our bodies.
      Here is the difficulty: aligning what is in your spirit with what you experience in your day to day lives at home, work, neighborhood, etc.

      REad more here: https://patrickoben.com/the-naturalization-of-the-spirit/

      If you want to see your daily life on earth be like the way yo are in the spirit, seated with Christ, clothed with God’s glory, here are some simple steps:

      a. Renew your mind: it is a total transformation of how you think, feel and will.
      It is a process that makes us think like God, feel like Him and will like Him.
      It makes our soul like our spirit; it aligns the soul to the spirit so that the life of the Spirit can manifest.
      When our minds are renewed, we understand the word of God.
      We believe and walk in faith
      The Word of God is the principal tool to do this. If you want to renew your mind, and begin a renewal of your life, resolve to feed on God’s word like a hungry lion.

      REad more here: https://patrickoben.com/tag/renewing-the-mind/

      2.Surender to the control of the Holy Spirit
      This simply means you should develop a close relationship with the Holy Spirit, and allow Him to power the way you live.
      The first step to doing so is feeding on the Word and committing to doing it as above.
      The second way to do so is a life of prayer.
      It takes prayer and the Word to develop a close and healthy relationship with the Holy Spirit.

      If the Holy Spirit starts to control your daily life, you will discover that you starting living daily on different rules: the rules of heaven.

      “For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.” (Romans 8:2, ESV)

      Read more:


      Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need clarity. It is my pleasure to see you develop a rich relationship with the Lord and experience His presence and power every single day and realize how much He really wants you to know Him deeply.

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