Undeserved and Unmerited 

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God (Ephesians 2:8, KJV)

Grace, akin to God’s love, is a message not solely for sinners or children but for everyone. Our journey with Christ starts, continues, and will end by grace through faith, embodying the essence of grace as undeserved.

Grace represents God’s unmerited favor in Christ. We neither deserve nor merit His kindness. To grasp the concept of undeserved or unmerited favor, consider two conventional ways favor is typically earned or deserved. Firstly, favor can be earned through works. Romans 4:4 highlights the difference between wages earned and gifts undeserved. When employing someone, payment is not a gesture of kindness but a debt owed for services rendered.

Similarly, in the Old Testament, adherence to God’s commandments and ensuing works sometimes led to earned blessings, allowing for boasting about one’s works. However, grace challenges this notion, as Paul inquires, “where is boasting then?” (Romans 3:27), emphasizing God’s kindness as unmerited—not by works.

Besides works, favor can also be earned through special relationship status, where our “deserving” status is based on who we are rather than our actions. A prime example is the father-child relationship, where a child doesn’t need to do anything to earn the father’s love or favor. Similarly, we cannot earn God’s favor through our works (unmerited) or claim it based on our status (undeserved). We are not entitled to God’s favor simply because we are His creation or humans. While God’s common grace extends to all His creation, the grace found in Christ is distinct and unique.

God’s grace, in its various forms, is both undeserved and unmerited. It is unmerited—not through our works—preventing any boast before God, even for Christians today. Also, it is undeserved; we did not receive it through any special relationship with God. Our standing in Christ is solely by what Jesus has done. While you may not have needed Jesus as a sinner, now, empowered to pray, give, and perform miracles, you still rely entirely on Him.

Understanding God’s grace prompts spontaneous praise and thanksgiving. It keeps us from becoming prideful, ensuring we remain vessels through which His power is most effectively demonstrated.

Rejoice and enjoy the abundant grace the Savior has lavished upon you!


Reflect on the two ways to earn God’s blessings discussed earlier. Have you ever found yourself trapped in either approach in your relationship with God?

Apply the Word

Grace is received, not earned. Whether a sinner or a Christian, faith unlocks grace. For believers, our deeds are significant, and understanding our unique relationship with God is vital. Yet, these truths don’t negate that grace in Christ is both unmerited and undeserved. Therefore, always keep your eyes fixed solely on Christ.


Thank the Father for His freely given grace, a testament to His boundless love and mercy.

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