Removed from Christ unto another gospel

I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: (Galatians 1:6 KJV)

Paul wrote the words above to the believers in the Churches of Galatia. He was appalled they were so soon “removed from” the One who called them into grace unto another Gospel.  The phrase “removed from” means to desert, turn away from or abandon a relationship or agreement. The Galatians were turning away from Christ or deserting Him to follow another Gospel. 

What do you think was this “another Gospel”? Some false teachers from Jerusalem had come to this Gentile Church and told the young believers they had to be circumcised and keep the Jewish laws to be saved.  When they first believed the Gospel, they heard about Jesus dying for their sins, rising from the dead and they  believed. They did not know about any Jewish laws regarding circumcision, feasts, etc. After the false teachers came in, they suddenly started thinking they needed to become circumcised or maybe keep some Old Testament Jewish feast, wear a prayer shawl, etc? 

When they believed they had to do something the Law stated to be saved, they  were “removed “ from Christ unto a perverted Gospel of a combination of grace and law. What happened to the Galatians is happening today in many Christian circles and increasing in intensity.  Many believers are confused and do not know what to think of the nation of Israel, the Law and the Old Testament in general and how it applies to us today. I have written articles about this which you will find on our website here. Be careful and remain standing by faith in Christ alone.


What was the perverted Gospel that was presented to the Galatians by these false teachers?


The crucial factor is not circumcision. It could be any command in the Law. In fact, it could be any of the Christian activities we do today. Whatever you TRUST that if you do, you will become acceptable to God or win His favor rather than trusting in Christ is like circumcision to the Galatians. Keep your eyes on Christ alone and beware of the Law. Learn more about the Law and believers here.

  • PRAY

Ask the Spirit to help you not to fall into the snare of the Galatian Churches. 

Fallen from Grace

Deshen Live Bible Study tonight( 7pm DST) will review this critical teaching of fallen from Grace.


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