Delete Our Past Like Text Messages?

. . . without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness. (Heb. 9:22 NET)

Delete our past

When you are about to send a text message, you can delete it as many times as you want before sending it. If someone sends a text message to you which you do not like, you can just press the delete button and it is gone from your phone.

How different would life be if our past was like text messages – if we could just delete the things we have done which are not right. Have you, also, regretted so badly something you said or did and wished you could just delete it? Or even wished it was a dream? Well, human life does not work that way.

Man was created a spirit being and our actions have consequences. Your actions and words have consequences. There is a reason why we need forgiveness for what we have done, from God and from those we have hurt.

We cannot simply ignore our sins or wrongs and pretend they never occurred. We cannot delete our past like you do text messages. We cannot prosper when we cover our sins (Prov. 28:13.) It will be only a matter of time. The blood of Christ cleanses us as we ask for forgiveness.

The primary reason  why God instructs us to stay away from sin is because it will always hurt you – always, without exception. Knowing Jesus and keeping His Word is rather a blessing to your life. It will save you from countless troubles and unnecessary headaches and heartaches.


Have you ever done something and wished you could just delete the consequences, like a text message?


If something is covered within you and is killing you slowly, go to your pastor or spiritually mature believer and open up to get healed. Also learn to watch your actions, because they are like text messages.


Ask the Lord to keep you from falling and doing things that will hurt you.

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