Two Operational Arms of Faith

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them (Mark 11:24, KJV)

Our Glory & Grace Live Bible Study this week concluded the teaching on “How Faith Operates”. It built on the foundation that faith begins with the Word of God.  Faith is a product of the Word on a human heart. It is the response to, and expression of the Word of God. Until God speaks, faith is not existent. Remember that what the scripture calls faith is not what the world generally calls faith.

When God speaks, realities come out of His mouth. The things He says are real in the spirit realm. The first operational arm of faith is receiving what God has spoken. God gives by speaking. Man receives from God by believing! That means the day you believe the Word, as spoken in the scripture above, that is the moment you receive from God.

Believing is receiving from God. This is foundational truth to fully grasp. However, after we receive from God, we do not necessarily see an immediate manifestation in the physical realm.  The next operational arm of faith is releasing from the spirit into the physical what we have received. The word has to come out of the heart. We do so by SPEAKING and ACTING on what it says. 

Faith begins with the Word, receives spiritual realities and releases those realities to change natural circumstances!


Can you receive from God without seeing any physical manifestation? 


The walk of faith is effortless on our part in the sense that you should not be struggling to live by faith. If you are, it means you are probably not in line with the Spirit but doing things on your own. The Word generates faith. Rather than struggling or lamenting that you do not have enough faith or cannot walk in faith as you wish, use that time to fill your heart with the Word and faith will arise like a skyscraper!


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