When Jesus Saw Their Faith

When Jesus saw their faith, he said unto the sick of the palsy, Son, thy sins be forgiven thee  (Mk. 2:5 KJV)

When Jesus saw their faith showing a paralyzed woman

In Mark 2:1-12, Jesus teaches in a crowded house. Four men, unable to access the door, climb the roof, create an opening, and lower their friend to Jesus. When Jesus saw their actions, He saw their faith.

Faith is visible through actions. The men’s bold steps, risks, and difficulties demonstrated their faith. Jesus didn’t look into their hearts; He saw what they did and heard what they said.

Faith consists of an inner belief in the heart and an outward expression. While our convictions are hidden from others, their expressions are visible through actions and words. These outward deeds serve as the biblical test of true faith. For instance, to know what we truly believe, we can examine what we do. Our actions are a sign that our faith is alive.

Moreover, faith is not only expressed but released through actions. Our actions express our hearts, and they also unleash God’s power. When the paralyzed man acted upon Jesus’s words, God’s power was released, and he was healed. This demonstrates the tremendous power of our actions when guided by genuine faith.

Please note that the men who opened the roof weren’t trying to prove their faith. They were sure Jesus would heal their friend, and their inner assurance naturally led them to act. Only actions resulting from heartfelt convictions count(Mark 11:23). Sadly, Christians often act in faith without genuine faith, leading to disappointing outcomes. However, it’s essential to differentiate genuine faith actions from misguided attempts to prove one’s faith. If faith without actions is dead, actions without faith are futile.

Our actions are the best test of our true convictions, especially unconditioned actions.


Can we act in faith without faith in our hearts?

Apply the Word

Rest is a powerful test of faith—Hebrews 4:3. Your heart finds peace when you truly believe in God; you won’t have to force or manipulate it. Anxiety and fear suggest that we might not have believed as we think. Test your faith with this anxiety and fear test.


Ask the Father to help you believe and act in line with your beliefs.

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