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The Violent Take It by Force

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force  (Matthew 11:12, KJV).

The violent taketh it by force showing an image of a female boxer

Possessing your kingdom possessions requires kingdom violence. Victory in life is for fighters, and we must enforce our rights and privileges in Christ. If you are passive and docile in spiritual things, Satan will eat your lunch every day.

This verse gives us a very important principle in the operation of the kingdom of God. You have to be forceful to seize and take what belongs to you. This is often a hard message that will not resonate with many believers. Possessing the things that belong to us requires that we be bold, courageous, and forceful. This is kingdom violence. It is knowing your rights and privileges in Christ and becoming assertive to enforce them.

Boldness is essential for faith to operate. This boldness requires accurate knowledge of God’s will. If we doubt God’s will, we are already on the side of defeat. Don’t sit there and watch what is clearly contrary to His will in your life while you “wait for Him to do something.” The kingdom is not for people with this attitude. They will end up having nothing. Enforce your rights in Christ and do so with boldness and kingdom violence. There are some things that should stir up holy anger in you. Are you oppressed by demonic spirits? Is depression tormenting you although the Lord says there is joy in you? Be violent in the Spirit and take what Christ paid the price for.


Is there any victory in life without a battle? Declare “I am taking whatever belongs to me in Christ by force. I know my rights, and I refuse to watch my life follow a path that God has not ordained for me.”


Do you know God’s will for that problem that is on your mind right now? Find out from the Word what you need to do to dismantle that mountain.


Ask the Spirit to give you boldness in your Christian walk.

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