The Stone the Builders Rejected

And have ye not read this scripture; The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner (Mk. 12:10 KJV)

The stone the builders rejected showing some men building a house

Jesus was rejected by the religious leaders of His days, yet He was the Messiah God sent to save the world. The builders of His day( the religious leaders) could not accept Jesus( the Stone)  because He did not fit into what they expected and wanted Him to be as the Messiah. The same Stone that they rejected turned out to be the chief cornerstone of the building.

God is an expert in using the rejected to confound the things which are well accepted. Part of the reason He does this is that when He begins to use the rejected stones, it will be self-evident that it is a work done of God and no human being will take the glory. There are no limits with God. He is the God who lifts up those who are abased and brings down those who are proud.

If you are rejected in any way because you do not meet some natural standards that the people in your world have set for you, know that you are a perfect candidate for God to use to confound those who rejected you! There are no failures with God. Everything in His hands is a potential world-changer. It does not matter who has rejected or accepted you. All that matters is whether  God in heaven commends you or not. It will not be long before those who rejected you come running at your doors if God is with you!


Think for a minute what will happen when religious leaders of Jesus’s days see Him descend in the clouds of heaven at His return and recognize Him!


There are no rejected stones in the hands of God! If you fix your eyes on men’s acceptance or rejection, your heart will forever be broken. What matters is what  God is saying about you. Does He approve what you are doing? If so, everyone else opinion is irrelevant. However, if God disapproves of what you are doing, then you certainly should do something about it even if everyone else is giving you a thumbs up. They might just be cheering you to destruction! Beware of people’s opinions!


Thank the Lord for always being there for you no matter what those around you think of you.

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