But their Eyes were Kept from Recognizing Him

But their eyes were kept from recognizing him (Lk. 24:16 ESV)

But their Eyes were Kept from Recognizing Him showing a man covering his eyes

Your spiritual eyes are your key to access the treasures of the realms of the spirit. What you do not see, you do not enjoy. Spiritual blindness is a huge problem—a really big one. A classic example is demonstrated in the verse above. After Jesus rose from the dead, two of His disciples were travelling to Emmaus and talking about the tragedy of His death. Jesus joined them and engaged in the conversation. Interestingly enough, the scripture above says “their eyes were kept from recognizing Him”. This is a classic form  spiritual blindness. They knew Jesus. But when He showed up, they did not recognize that the One that was speaking with them is Jesus.

Let me bring this home to us today. When we are blinded, we fail to know or recognize spiritual realities that present before us in the cover of natural things. For example,  God might be speaking to some people through a thought. However, those who are spiritually blinded, who might be crying out loud to hear God might fail to RECOGNIZE that the voice they are hearing in their minds is actually God. This is a very simplistic but very practical example.

When the eyes of these two disciples were opened and they recognized Him, their response changed immediately ( v33). They got up the same night and went  back to Jerusalem from Emmaus with an unstoppable flow of joy and excitement. This is a token of the power unleashed when the eyes are opened. Some of you reading this devotional right now are crying and pleading with God to help you with your finances. Your eyes just need to be opened to see God’s treasures already around you. Others are crying for miracles and breakthroughs. When their eyes open to discover that God’s power is inside of them, their world will change. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,  the Lord says because they are spiritually blind and cannot see spiritual realities. May your eyes be opened!


How did Jesus open the eyes of these two disciples?  Please read Luke 24:30-31.  How does that compare with Ps. 19:8, 119:105, Eph. 1:15-17. 


When you see, you possess. When God wants to increase in any way, He begins by opening your eyes, that is, He makes you see. His Word is your eye-opener! Be intentional, and fight spiritual blindness actively in your life. Please take a moment and read this devotional on “How God opens our eyes.”


Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see wonders out of His law.

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