The paths of your life

Then you will understand righteousness and justice and equity, every good path (Proverbs 2:9, ESV)

An important metaphor that is extremely common in the Old Testament is that of walking on a path. It includes your feet, walking and the path or road  you are walking on. Imagine coming to a cross-road with many ways and then you decide to walk on one of them. That walk on a particular path or road is an important figurative language used to communicate to us important spiritual principles about our life.

Solomon says in the scripture above we will understanding righteousness, justice, equity and every good path. He tells us that righteousness, justice and equity are “good paths”. The same is true about faith, love, peace, prosperity, etc. These are all roads or paths of life that we can walk in. These are good paths. As you can imagine, we can also walk on ungodly paths of sin which the Lord instructs us to avoid. Let me quickly share two key spiritual truths hidden in this metaphor of walking on a path of life.

The first is that we do not create a path or way. We simply walk in it. Our manner of life in every instance describes the path of our feet. You have the authority over your thoughts, emotions, desires, words, and actions. You choose, amongst the many paths before you every day to either stir yourself in one direction or another. Every decision you make puts you on a path. For example, each time you choose to love rather than hate, you set your feet to walk on the path of love. When we choose to hold on to unforgiveness and resentment, we are setting our feet to walk on the path of bitterness. When God looks at us, He sees us walking on a path, whatever that path is. He instructs us to take our feet off every evil path and set them on the path of life, of righteousness, love, prosperity, etc.

The second important principle to learn here is that every path or road leads to a destination. Think about it. If you are driving and you choose a particular road, the road effortlessly leads you to a particular destination. The road does not even “think” about it. It This is an important and powerful principle. The paths of life are roads that lead to life, while the paths of death are roads that lead to death. For example, the scripture says to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. That means your mindset is a road. If we are carnally minded, we will end up with death. It is the inevitable destination of carnal mindedness. If we set our minds on the things of the Spirit, we will end up with life. 

The same is true about every single aspect of our life. You are currently walking on a financial road, whether you know it or not. Your attitude towards giving, hardwork, diligence in what you do, etc all constitute a road you are walking on. For example, diligence is a road that leads to riches while sluggishness is a road that leads to poverty. Wisdom chooses the right paths of life! If you want a happy marriage, there is a road to walk that leads you there. If you want financial prosperity, there is a road that leads you there. If you want to be in good physical health, there is a road that leads you there. The Word of God is a lamp to your feet to show you which road leads to where! Please ensure you are walking on the road to the destination you desire! If you do not want poverty, get out of the path of poverty! If you do not want fear, anxiety, depression, etc, then do not walk on their road! If you want joy, peace, power, etc, walk on the paths of life!


Do you realize you are currently walking on a particular road? Accepting Jesus is the road or path to life! Start reviewing the paths of your feet.


For every path, there is a destination. And you have the authority to choose which paths you walk in. Choose the paths of life always and remove your foot from the paths of sin, death, failure, depression, sickness, etc.


Ask the Lord to help you walk in the paths of life at all times and help you remove your feet from every path of death. 

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