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The Renewal of the New Man

And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him (Col. 3:10 KJV)

Spiritual renewal showing a butterfly in development

The new man that has been created in Christ is renewed day after day to become more and more like Christ in expression. When we receive Christ, our spirit becomes born again with the nature of God and a new life is started within us that can be compared to a baby that is born. With the passage of time and proper feeding, the baby’s mind and body progressively develop to maturity. The same is true of the renewal of the new man.

This process can also be compared to the metamorphosis of insects, best depicted by the development of the butterfly. It starts from an egg to the larva, pupa and then the adult butterfly. These changes in form are not changes in the nature of the Butterfly. The nature of the butterfly remains the same throughout all the stages. It simply changes from one state to another.

The new creation in Christ also changes from one level of glory to another. Like the butterfly, God wants us to be progressively transformed to maturity where we can thoroughly enjoy all that He has destined for us. If you look at some Christians now, they might appear to be as wild and destructive as the larva. If only they will feed on the Word and allow the Lord to renew them, they will gradually grow to the pupa stages and finally to a full-blown Christ-like believer radiating with the glory of God.


Did you notice what God uses to renew the new man in Col. 3:10 above? Declare that “I have put on the new man which is renewed in knowledge every day and I am becoming more and more like Christ radiating the glory of God.”


The knowledge of God is the trigger of spiritual metamorphosis. Grow in the knowledge of God and of Christ. Notice Col. 3:10 did not say power or miracles is the essential substrate of what renews the new man.


Pray this prayer of the Spirit in Col. 1:9-10 right now for your life, that God will help you be filled with the knowledge of Christ.

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