The remission of sins

For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins (Matt. 26:28 KJV).

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The word “remission” is used in the KJV version of the Bible for the forgiveness of sins. Jesus made the statement above during the last supper. His states that His blood was being shed for many so that their sins will be forgiven.

The idea behind the forgiveness of sins is that of release. When you are forgiven, you are formally released from the obligation of paying a debt, which in this case is the debt of sin. When we received Jesus as our Savior by faith, there was a release from the death penalty that comes with sin. Forgiveness is a spiritual reality, so tangible that we can “feel” that release inside when we are forgiven. There is guilt, shame, fear and all sorts of negative emotions that come with sin. When we receive forgiveness, we are not only released from the debt of sin but also from its related destructive and burdensome emotions. Forgiveness is the beginning of freedom.

There are many things that humanity has succeeded to do. However, successfully “deleting” the consequences of sin on the human heart is not one of them. Sin is a heavy burden. Others may not see it, but it weighs down a man’s heart. Forgiveness has forever been guaranteed for us by the blood of Christ that was shed on the cross. All we need is to do is to come to the Savior. His blood that was shed on the cross has purchased the remission of our sins, so you do not have to carry the heavy burden of sin anymore.


Why is the shedding of blood required for the remission of sins? ( Heb. 9:22).


Freedom from sin requires forgiveness. Do not conceal sin in your life otherwise, its heavy load will break your heart. The arms of your Savior are always wide open to forgive you.


Thank the Lord for shedding His blood on the cross so that forgiveness of sins should be made available to us.

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