Those that be planted in the House of the Lord

 Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God (Ps. 92:13 KJV)

Our scripture above uses the metaphor of a tree to describe the believer’s life today. If, like a tree, we are planted in the House of the LORD, we will flourish in His courts! Think of a tree that is planted in a place that has an abundance of all the nutrients, water, protection from harm, etc that it needs to grow luxuriantly and produce fruit. That is what happens when a man or woman is planted in the House of the LORD. But what does this mean?

The word “planted” has to do with being established. The House of the LORD describes fellowship with the Father. When a man or woman receives Christ, they are brought into God’s House and planted, meaning they are brought into fellowship with God again. Sin has separated man from God. Faith in Christ’s finished work re-establishes that fellowship. We were uprooted from God’s presence through sin. Faith in Christ has planted us in God’s presence and re-establishes fellowship with Him. We are now connected!

The next step is to cultivate practical connection, that is practical fellowship to see practical results. Every Christian is in God’s presence but not every Christian experiences practical results from God’s presence. Why? To see practical results, you must walk according to where you have been planted! You have been planted in God’s presence already(positional). Now walk and live in His presence every day as you keep His Word and walk by His Spirit!(practical)


What is the difference between positional and practical fellowship mentioned above? See Gal. 5:25


You should be established in the truth that you are ALREADY planted in the house of the LORD the day you believed in Christ. All you need is to ABIDE in Him, that is, remain and walk in accordance with where you have been planted by living according to the Word!


Thank the Lord for establishing you in His House through the finished work of His Son.

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