The Path of the Just is as A Shining Light

 But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day  (Prov. 4:18 KJV)

What a description of the life of the righteous! It is like the early morning sun. Can you think of the dim sunlight when you wake up in the morning? Remember how it gets brighter and brighter, and by noon, the full glory of the sun is out. The scripture says that is the way the life of the righteous is. It only gets brighter.

The first important truth I want you to glean from this scripture is that the brightness of the light is in different degrees. There are higher levels of brightness. The light represents the radiance of God’s glory from our lives. We all walk in varying levels of glory, and it only gets brighter and brighter. You might have experienced God to some degree. But there are higher levels of glory that lie ahead of you.

The second important truth I want to pass on is that the verse above gives us hope for a better life today and tomorrow. You may be in a place where your light in Christ is barely visible. Maybe it is almost going out right now. But if you stay in the in the Word, there is but one way forward for you—brighter and brighter until the full noonday sun!

The light is the Word, the oil that burns to produce the light is the Spirit. It takes the Spirit to shine. That is why you must be a man or a woman of the Spirit, walking daily with Him. You cannot go wrong when your life is guided by the Spirit and planted on the Word!


What is the meaning of “path” in the scripture above? Is it literal or figurative? See Prov. 2:9.


The righteous are those who have believed in Christ, that is you and me. Practically, the righteous are those who do righteousness because they have believed in Christ. These two must be fulfilled if your light has to shine brighter and brighter. You cannot believe in Christ( righteous by faith)  and lead a sinful, bitter or spiritually unhealthy life( unrighteous by works) and expect the glory to shine brighter and brighter. This is not how it works. Abide in Him, and watch your light break forth as the morning light!


Thank the Lord for this beautiful life of glory reserved for you. 

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  1. Your explanation of the verse was an eye opener and a definite blessing. Thank you so much for yielding to the Holy Spirit and bringing out this Word with so much clarity. Much needed inspiration.

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