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The mystery of the Name of Jesus

Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth (Philippians 2:9–10, KJV)

You have probably heard a teaching on the power of the Name of Jesus and the exhortation to use it. Let me give you an insight into the mystery of using the Name of Jesus that will cause you to begin using it  like never before!

Please reread our main scripture above again. It says the Father has highly exalted Jesus, and given Him a Name above every other name. These two occurrences are closely connected together: Jesus was exalted and lifted up, and a Name was given to Him that is above every other name. Jesus Himself told us to use His Name in prayer in John 16:24-25. He laid the foundation of the truth that His people can use His Name. How does this work?

Have you read any passage in the Gospels where Jesus Himself used His Name? He told His disciples to pray to the Father in His Name. When He, Jesus, prayed to the Father, whose name did He use? Did He go to the Father and pray in His Name? Certainly not! Jesus does not pray in His Name. He is the embodiment of His Name. When God highly exalted Jesus in the verse above, Jesus as a Person was exalted. However, God gave Him a Name that is above every name, meaning exalted, so that other people can use to partake of His life. In other words, Jesus’ Name is not for His own use. His Name is for His followers to use. Jesus is already exalted. That is the embodiment of His Name. However, through His Name,  any man who believes in Him can can fully enjoy all the privileges of the Person of Jesus Himself. In other words, the Name is a mystery that connects people to partake of the life of Christ!

When you go to the Father and pray in the Name of Jesus, the Father hears but Jesus making a reques! The Name of Jesus has brought you into the privileges of Christ. That is why your prayers in faith and in line with the will of God cannot be denied. You do not have to struggle or beg. You have the Name of Jesus! When you speak to demons, the reason they come out is because it is not your voice they hear. As you speak in the Name of Jesus, your voice becomes the very voice of Christ and that is what demons hear and they immediately recognize the power and authority of the Lord Jesus and therefore flee. Through the mystery of the Name of Jesus, human beings can enjoy and partake of the life of Christ. 

Jesus says that Name has been given to you. He does not use His Name. It  is for you to use. Imagine your father gives you his debit or credit card to use. If you go to a store and purchase anything you want using His card, the financial record will not show that you bought something from that store. It will show that your father bought something in that store. You are simply enjoying the privileges of your father! Jesus has given you His bank card! He has entrusted His Name to you. Enjoy the privileges of Jesus the Son of the living God! 


Who benefits from the exaltation of Jesus? See Eph. 1:22( I suggest reading it in a simple version rather than KJV).


Do you trust the Name Jesus? Do you see that prayer by default should be struggle-free? There is no mystery in making God answer your prayers. He has given you the Name. Learn to live completely in the Name, that is, fully in Christ. Learn to live His life, and not yours. 


Thank the Father for the wonderful blessing of the Name of Jesus to us. 

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